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UMITO Partners


Envisioning sustainable
and equitable ocean economy with fishing communities

UMITO Partners Inc., is a team of passionate professionals that work hand-in-hand with fisheries and fishery communities in partnership with a diverse network of like minded stakeholders to grand design equitability and sustainability solutions that tackle not only environmental issues but also social and economic challenges that exist in fishery communities.

Socio-economic and enviromental challenges are critical themes for fishery communities to maintain sustainability but they often have little access to the support they need. As such, they have had no other choice but to operate their fishery without being able to solve their fundamental challenges.

Our approach starts with listening carefully about their needs and identifying gaps that exist for sustainability improvements in enviromental, economic, and social elements.

As embedded in our name UMITO (Umi-toh) meaning "with the ocean" in Japanese, by parterning with fishers as well as diverse group of stakeholders that share a common vision for a sustainable and equitable ocean economy, we co-design solutions toward a future where both people and the ocean can thrive in harmony.


  • Shunji Murakami

    Shunji Murakami

    CEO & Founder

    Shunji graduated from San Francisco State University majoring in business and geography focusing on river restoration and salmon habitat assessment. After returning to Japan, he spent years at Patagonia Japan, as well as US based NGO, Wild Salmon Center as Japan program coordinator, and Ocean Outcomes as Japan Program Director until 2018, working with fishing communities and suppliers on fishery improvement projects. In 2018, Shunji joined Seafood Legacy as Vice President/COO, and as of 2021, Shunji launched UMITO Partners Inc., working hand-in-hand with fisheries and fishing communities in partnership with chefs, business, financial sectors to help them become more sustainable, and help the government design equitable policies in inclusive ways connecting with voice and realities on the ground.

    • Asia Pacific FIP Community of Practice Council Member
    • Fisheryprogress.org Advisory Committee Member
    • Japan Fishery Agency Aquaculture Growth Industrialization Promotion Council Member
  • Satoshi Fukuyama

    Satoshi Fukuyama

    Science and Research Analytics

    Ph. D in Biosciences Resources.
    Satoshi was born and raised in Kanagawa near the "Shonan". His major is marine phytoplankton in relation to phisico-chemical properties and planctonic food webstructure. After got Ph. D, he worked at FRA (Nagasaki Joint Government Office) as a postdoctoral researcher, and private environmental assessment firm. He cultivated his experience as a researcher and a human being working in the field. Now at UMITO Partners, from both a scientist's and field perspective, he supports ocean and fishermen using his expertise through the project.

  • Mao Mori

    Mao Mori

    Science and Research Analytics

    PhD in Antarctic Science.
    Mao was born and raised in Tokyo. After guraduating from Tokyo University of Science with a bachelor degree of civil engineering, she decided to study overseas and completed a Doctor of Philosophy program in Quantitative Antarctic Science with Graduate Diploma of Marine and Antarctic Science at University of Tasmania in Australia. She worked as a posdoc at the ACECRC in the same university at the same time of the completion of PhD program and then, conducted a new research as the JSPS reserch fellow at Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology in Japan. She was impressed by the vision of UMITO Partners and its challenging sprits and now, she supports UMITO`s mission using her scientific background.

  • Ai Iwamoto

    Ai Iwamoto

    Fishery Engagement & Business Development

    Born in Saitama. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from the University of Tsukuba. She has wide career experience including working in the financial industry and IT for seven years and five years for Japanese Olympic Committee in international relations. She shifted her focus to sustainability issues in 2019. After working as a CSR/ESG consultant, she joined the United Nations University where she studied sustainable coastal management and gained Master’s Degree in Sustainability Science. She is currently working with local fishers to regenerate damaged marine ecosystem. She joined UMITO Partners in 2022.

  • Kazumi Fujii

    Kazumi Fujii

    Organizational Operation

    Born in Miyagi Prefecture. She graduated from Yokohama National University, Faculty of Education and Human Sciences, Earth and Ecology Course. While working at a food trading company, she participated in a women's empowerment project through dialogue at a postnatal care NPO. After obtaining a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach license, she changed careers to work in Human Resources and Organizational Operation. She has been in charge of overall back office and organizational operation since the establishment of UMITO Partners.

  • Louie Okamoto

    Louie Okamoto

    Organizational Operation

    Born and raised in Los Angeles, Louie obtained his Bachelors of Science degree in Earth Systems, Science & Policy with an emphasis in Marine and Coastal Ecology at California State University, Monterey Bay. While working as a STEM educator and academic and career counselor for first-generation college bound students, he also served as a naturalist and sustainable seafood guide at Monterey Bay Aquarium. Louie moved to Japan in 2016 to join Ocean Outcomes where he supported the development and implementation of Japan's first FIPs and AIPs. At UMITO Partners Louie plays a cross functional role throughout all the departments.


Company Name UMITO Partners Inc.
Location Floor1-B1, 4-5, Nishifukuda-cho, Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 101-0037
CEO Shunji Murakami
Founded June 1, 2021
Capital Stock 2 Million Yen
Our Business MSC/ASC Certification Consultation
Seafood Supply Chain Consultation and business matching
Branding development and Promotion for Seafood Products and Fishing Communities
Sustainable Fisheries Management and Business development support
Sustainable Fishing Community Development and Promotion support
Workshops, Seminars, Symposiums and Events for sustainable seafood and fisheries
Research and Analytics Services in Fisheries and Marine Sciences
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