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UMITO Partners' strength lies in its vast knowledge and experience regarding fisheries sustainability and its vast network of experts in the business, science and creative fields.

In collaboration with cross-industrial partners with common vision, we provide a variety of support and services with a goal of achieving environmental, economic and societal sustainability for fisheries communities.

1Envrionmental Improvement

MSC/ASC Certification Consulting

Our staff have extensive knowledge in the MSC and ASC standards who can provide full support in the effort to obtain and maintain certifications. Services include initial analyses of fisheries and aquacultures, developement and coordination of improvement work plans, and full support towards MSC and ASC full assessments.

Fishery and Aquaculture Improvement

Fishery and Aquaculture Improvement Projects (FIPs and AIPs) are multi-stakeholder projects designed to promote positive changes toward sustainability of fisheries and aquacultures. Our staff have been involved in the design, coordination and implementation of Japan's first FIPs and AIPs. We provide comprehensive FIP/AIP support from work plan development, improvement work coordination, continuous progress evaluation, reporting and promotional work.

Seminars, Workshops and Sustainable Fishery Site Visits

UMITO Partners can provide insight regarding fishery community and resource management realities through seminars, workshops, events and coordination of site visits.

2Economic Improvement

Connecting Fishers and Chefs

We connect fishery producuers working toward sustainability with chefs and restaurants that are proactive about supporting those efforts. In addition to supporting the procurement of seafood we work closely with both parties to share the stories from fishery communities.

Sustainable Seafood Product Development, Branding and Promotion

Our Communications team provide creative support to fishery stakeholders and supporting businesses to promote sustainability efforts.

Digital Transformation Support

We provide digital solution consultation and implementation support for fisheries and supply chain stakeholders. Similarly, we provide consultation to IT companies that are looking to engage with fisheries and aquacultures in traceability and digital data recording system development.


We are actively involved in cross-industrial business development and collaborations, including business model planning and implementation support for SDGs and ESG related projects for corporations and financial institutions.

3Social Improvement

Designing Sustainable Communities

We focus on development and implementation of community sustainability projects that are centered around sustainably and equitable fisheries and local ocean economy. Utilizing our broad network, we provide coordination of project members collaborating together toward a shared vision.


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