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UMITO NARIWAI WORKSHOP – Nemuro Region, Hokkaido (Part 1)

UMITO NARIWAI WORKSHOP – Nemuro Region, Hokkaido (Part 1)

About UMITO NARIWAI Workshops 

UMITO Partners organizes customized workshops for fishers and fisheries cooperative association staff, aiming to achieve sustainable fisheries from both the perspectives of nurturing marine resources and supporting the livelihoods (“nariwai” in Japanese) of fishing communities. Workshop participants learn about examples of sustainable fishery practices and, through group work facilitated by UMITO Partners staff, take an objective look at their own local fishing industry and uncover explicit challenges their region faces. Participating fishers are provided opportunities to brainstorm together potential initiatives that can be taken within their own fishery communities to ensure a thriving ocean and a sustainable fishery livelihood.

Fishers and staff from 4 fisheries cooperative associations in the Nemuro region of Hokkaido (Nemuro, Habomai, Ochiishi, Nemuro-Wanchu) participated in Part 1 UMITO NARIWAI Workshop on April 22, 2023.


Section 1:

  1. Understanding consumer and market trends
  2. Understanding changes in the ocean
  3. Sustainable fishery project case studies

Section 2:

  1. Objective view of your local fishing industry
  2. Envisioning 20 years in the future
  3. Brainstorming potential actions
  4. Presentation and group discussion


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